Nick Stranks - Canberra, Australia

A lecturer in Sculpture at the Australian National University, Nick also runs a commercial foundry! "My work has always dealt with my identity, [and I'm curious to see] how might this be changed when I find myself in unfamiliar territories, using unfamiliar methodologies. I have been using printing techniques to capture an image that is faint and trace like. These images make use of a wide range of media, glass, transparencies, craft paper, architectural tracing film and news print. I have been interested in capturing a moment but allowing this image to fade and disappear. The most recent works have been made using a common spray oil as the printing medium that is sprayed onto an object. The shadow of the object remains on the paper, but over time the image disappears as the oil migrates through the paper. A memory of the object remains but this is slowly lost over time." 

Nick will be working towards an installation during his time at The Ou & we're looking forward to seeing what 'impressions' appear, interact & fade.