Isobel Rayson - Canberra, Australia

"My work explores mark making as a means to investigate and document ideas of presence and trace. The creation of my latest works involves completing daily rituals and routines based on physical mark making that follow a series of directives, include varying time parameters, established prior to commencing each work. The final works become relics that document these routines."

During her stay, Isobel will continue this exploration and use "carbon paper to record the trace of household tools and objects. Tools including a hairbrush, a set of keys, a whisk. The carbon paper beautifully picks up the faintest of marks and traces that an object leaves behind. I would love to create a new body of work for the residency using similar materials and ideas. I plan on using found objects, either natural or manmade and creating ‘tools’ to use as a mark making tool. 

"I would love to use found objects in the surrounding area of Ou Gallery to make the tools. Objects such as sticks, rocks, wire, sandpaper and nail are examples of objects I would collect. These items would be the starting point for the new ‘tool’ which I would then use to create the drawings. 

"I like to use measurements of time to determine the beginning and end of a series. One hour, one week, one month or round numbers, 1 day, 10 days, 100 days. I like the routine and ritualistic aspect that these boundaries create within my works. With this proposed project, I plan on creating a new ‘tool’ each day of my residency with objects and materials found in the surrounding area of the gallery. At the conclusion of completing this tool, I will make a drawing using the carbon paper. Each day will result in one tool and one drawing." - Isobel

We can't wait to see what inspires and develops from her process!! Find her full portfolio here