Pilar Guinea - Vancouver, BC


A recent MA grad from Emily Carr, Pilar’s work is an evocative exploration of time, place and history.

While at The Ou she will be continuing to experiment with pinhole cameras & trying out our new darkroom setup!

This series (cámara) is an investigation of perspective and the way the medium of photography exists in the context of reality. Pinhole cameras can be crafted out of many different materials, giving me the freedom to experiment with perspective and reality by creating surrealist and imperfect photographs . . . Perspective is more than just a device of angles and types of views; perspective is made out of rules we are taught to use. We are taught the semiotics of sight and logic. Those aspects of logic are questioned by the mere fact that perspective is, along with logic, a construct. What becomes the reality we are trying to attain? And what exactly is it of reality that attracts people's attention when questioned? Is it because without a sense of logic and reality we become nothing? 

Find Pilar’s portfolio here