the story of the ou

'Ou' like "Oooo, nice." 

Make the trip just outside of downtown Duncan, located in the cultural homeland of the Quw'utsun First Nations, and have a conversation about art, join a workshop, listen to live music, or find something special at our artisan market.

we hope to share our journey with you by making an inclusive community space where together we can create and experience the wonderful world of art | find our current schedule of events here


open Saturday & Sunday from 11-4pm


early days

image by Donovan Rose

Barclay martinique

barclay is a fine human with all of her limbs intact. read about her projects @

image by Lennard Fruehling

navonod rose

navonod is donovan backwards. see & read duppy's thoughts @


find us just outside of downtown Duncan on 3091 Agira Road



Thank you to our community & local partners