Amanda Wood - Vancouver, BC


We were drawn to Amanda’s gentle and rhythmic textures and look forward to having her in the space to experiment with a small table loom, print-making and her drawing practice.

Stay tuned for more & learn about the artist here

I am interested in chance, found patterns and networks. I use the grid inherent in plain weave to mimic and explore these ideas. I let grid lines loosen, curve, disappear and push into the space to create effects that mimic the flow back and forth between whole and disrupted networks. The cloth responds to stimulus such as gravity or a shift in materials or tension. I use random integers, computer generated algorithms and Fibonacci numbers to create weave structures that reference chance connections. Natural materials such as silk, cotton, paper, wool, and horse hair combine with these asymmetrical, random patterns in tactile sculptures . . . Grounded within the context of craft traditions, my work looks to the future through researching the past and lives in the interstitial spaces between art and craft.