Desiree Penner - Winnipeg, MB


“ I am mesmerized by the intersection between wilderness and humanity.  This is likely derived from university degrees in both environmentalism and social work; sense of self is entangled within sense of place. 

“Over the last year, this has led to a collection of watercolour paintings that capture this threshold space: cabins in Manitoba’s backwoods.  A sense of human existence that has not overwhelmed the surrounding natural world. With the use of opaque watercolours in rich, nature-infused hues, I have sought to paint these tiny homes cradled by groves of aspen, shielded by tall jack pines, or cocooned by the majestic aurora borealis.  The greens, blacks, blues, and yellows of the natural world are my heart-song.  I am caught up in fine brushwork to create highly realistic works, with the hopes that viewers can transport themselves into the collective narrative.

I” am excited to see how the time spent on Vancouver Island will shape and embolden my work as a watercolourist.  To see how the interactions between the wilds and civilization are portrayed in new ways, paintbrush in hand. “