Huis van Lies - The Hague


We have a real soft spot for collage + vintage so Lies hit all the marks! Her work is imbued with a humour that we couldn’t get enough of and we so look forward to hosting her next Fall as she digs into some research for her next body of work.

An artist and illustrator based in The Hague, Lies is inspired by her dreams, chaotic surroundings, magazines, vintage books and thrift shops. She aims to make your day just a little bit brighter with her works. Find her here 

She received her BFA in Fine arts from the Royal academy of Arts in The Hague and likes to use various techniques like collage, painting, photography and drawing. In her work she investigates how objects relate to each other even though they have nothing in common, and in doing so, brings out the humour in the banal and commonplace.