Emily Kepulis - Portland, OR


Currently living in Portland, and a graduate from Portland State University, Emily one day dreams of owning her own goose. 

We're excited to see what she creates in studio & look forward to sharing her series with you with a pop-up exhibition June 20th!

At The Ou, Emily will be working on a "series that explores the possibilities surrounding narrative imagery, specifically that which is not restricted by reason or that which lacks normative, linear qualities. I'd like to explore that line between abstract and concrete narrative and blur it a little by combining recognizable or traditional imagery with abstract or nonrepresentational imagery. I am interested in the cultural associations and connotations we have with objects, with color, with space, and with language and how defying those expectations, even slightly, can form an abstract narrative, poking at the impressionability of reality." 

 Find more of her work here