Marley Johnson - Montreal, QC

While at The Ou, Marley will be working on a series of mixed media paintings using uncommon materials like dyed canvas, cut up painted surfaces, and found fabrics (including his own clothing like his green sweater, striped sleeves, and broken umbrella). These materials are first arranged into a particular grid by being sewed together, then stretched.

"I am currently going into my second year of my MFA Painting/Drawing at Concordia University. Primarily drawn to a site specific studio practice, I was lucky enough to have been given studio space at NSCAD university up until I graduated in 2015. A wanderer and traveller, I've lived and volunteered in most provinces in Canada. I see myself as an ambassador who is interested in developing connections across Canada, and enjoy seeing a part of myself in each place and in turn, seeing these places reflected back into my character and arts practice."