Sunny Short - Melbourne, Australia

Coming over from Oz, genderqueer performance & installation artist Sunny Short will be further developing their series, 'Dirty Words.' We're looking forward to spending time with them, and supporting their practice - stop in in January to see their pop-up exhibition!

Dirty Words explores the power of linguistics within culture, and speaks specifically of the experience of gender.

Melbourne-based artist Sunny Short employs their own body along with short phrases and words that are often cutting and confronting. The artist challenges the viewer to consider the slippery nature of language, as words are isolated, repeated and subverted, becoming visceral and personal. These words imply intimate meanings and the body becomes a political device.

Sunny Short’s practice is informed by their genderqueer identity. Dirty words gleaned from the artist’s experiences simultaneously reference the self and comment on language within wider cultural contexts.

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