Lisa Veregin - Toronto, ON

"Working in both the traditional and digital realms of painting, I seek to capture a metaphysical world. Throughout my work, I use the body and the landscape as a metaphor for physical, social, political, sexual, emotional, and spiritual experience. Drawing from Jungian and Freudian psychology, I understand the body as a container for the psychic energy that is within the world and its surrounding landscapes; thus, the chaos in my work represents the chaos of both the external world and the internal self. The body and self is understood to be fluid and permeable with the energies of the world. Embedded in psychedelic culture and mystic experience, I seek to capture the interconnectivity of the world as understood through experiences of self-transcendence. The vibrant colours and visuals of my work are meant to be impactful and overwhelming at times: simultaneously both chaotic and seductive." Learn more about Lisa & see her paintings here