Janelle Hardy - Vernon, BC

Janelle was our mentor, teacher, body worker, performer, artist & facilitator (and I'm probably missing a few more) while she was here at the Ou. She spent a week in-house working on & displaying a pop-up installation of her 100 portrait series 'What's Underneath.' The week culminated in an evening of performance & community potluck. She now lives in Vernon with her incredibly talented daughter (big surprise) & we look forward to the day their laughter comes through the door again. Learn more about Janelle & her offerings here



Artist Bio:

Janelle Hardy is an artist perpetually fascinated by all things related to bodies, self-expression and culture. She works through the mediums of paint, writing and performance, as the spirit moves her. Her most recent works have been a 100 day project of gouache figurative portraits, and Devotional Dance Paintings at Whitehorse Nuit Blanche. You can check out her portraits here. She also teaches memoir writing and personal growth online, and you can discover more and experience her writing at www.janellehardy.com



Artist Statement - Into the Oracle's Mouth

"I've spent a fair bit of energy inquiring into the future in the form of worrying, planning, tarot card readings, and sometimes psychic readings too. However, what I'm becoming most fascinated by is presence. The qualities of being fully invested in the here and now, being responsive to the people and world around me as well as my own body. By being guided by my body's impulses,  by what my intuitive gut feelings are, and by the never ending constancy of growth and change. This artistic offering is my attempt to predict the future (metaphorically) by using my self-expressiveness, my movement, and my presence as a gift to myself, and to my audience. Can we become our own oracles by becoming ourselves, always, in the now?"