V.4 Lucie Chan & Grant Hargate

If not now, when?

Lucie Chan & Grant Hargate

June 21 - 29, 2018

Guyana-born Lucie Chan (professor at Emily Carr & NSCADU) makes multi-layered drawing installations that often involve working with participants to discover potentially connected cross-cultural narratives between seemingly disparate lives. Her series, ‘If Not Now, Then When’ began through conversations with volunteers who shared when they had gone to great lengths to understand another person's reality completely outside of, and therefore unfamiliar to their own.

Inspired by landscapes & form, Grant Hargate (professor from Lindenwood University, Missouri) has been exploring a new series of work, "I wanted to come here to work on the hard stuff.” Using ink and found objects, he's been creating a new sort of visual alphabet with shapes and structures. 

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