V.1 Serge Serum: Yours Truly

'Yours Truly' is an examination of identity, personality and wretched emotions uncovered and portrayed through characters. Many of the subjects are androgynous or non-binary figures which Serge hopes will encourage the viewer to question and wonder, thereby creating their own personal narrative/ dialogue with the piece.

Serge Serum is a self-taught artist based out of Los Angeles. His paintings channel a force of chaotic expressionism that distorts the likeness of the human figure and portraiture. He seizes to depict his anxieties and exhilaration through visceral images that he believes affects his subconscious mind. Through his portrayal of images, Serge endows us with a feeling of ease in existing within what seems to be a messy actuality.

Wanting to create art outside of the studio, Serge picked up photography and has been capturing and creating obscure scenes with other creative minds. His process includes playing dress up and creating an outrageous scene with his subjects. Similar to his paintings, Serum’s photos create a personal narrative to emotionally connect with viewers. He also has an ongoing photo series titled, “Polished,” that documents the drag queen, club kid and queer nightlife in which he has been releasing multiple volume zines for it.  

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