V.2 Lena Lee: Yeoja A


The work in 女子[Yeoja] A, explores the frustration of how women have had to struggle, & how much this reality may have changed in our present day. 

“While I was studying in London, there were many opportunities to mingle with female artists from various fields. I explained these female modernists’ lives to some artists, & asked them to express their personal feeling after listening to the the stories in front of the camera. The film in Yeoja A was inspired by ‘Street Haunting’ written by Virginia Woolf, where single females were not allowed to walk down the street alone. Woolf walked around London as much as she could, and left stunning writings about her trails. The video was taken in the same city, London, following the places which she mentioned in the book. In this, I asked pedestrians to read excerpts from female modernists’ writings.’

Displays of them attempt to seek questions of how much change in women’s status has taken place in the 21st century? Are female artists allowed to walk around as freely as they want in the present? 女子[Yeoja]A is a Korean word to revert a woman(also women) meaning an adult female human-being. The word of ‘A’ contains various symbolic meanings: Arts, Anonymity, Adultery, and ‘A person’." -  Lena Kyounghee Lee, Seoul

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