Performance + Artist Talk: Back of my Head


'Back of My Head' is an ongoing performance project exploring drawing as a grounding exercise, collaborative mindfulness, and the challenge of asking for and accepting help. Previously performed in Quebec City and Cambridge, MA.

Audience is invited to enter at any time between 6pm and 7pm to 'help' the artist by participating in a drawing exercise (no experience necessary!)

Artist talk at 7pm after the performance + light snacks and refreshments served.


My work is an exploration of personal and cultural expectations of the body. Who are we when a body behaves counter to these expectations?

There are many ways that we manipulate the space around our bodies to inform the ways in which we move through the world. This is an unspoken language communicated in a mixture of subliminal cues.

My work references garments of clothing as the site for an unreadable, contradictory language of boundaries and invitations to come closer. Co-opting a language of symbols developed throughout my body of work, a circle becomes an eye, an opening, an orifice, a lesion. Color and pattern are meant to fatigue your eyes, bringing you to the edge of discomfort.

Beneath layers of pattern you will find a body in flux. What is happening below the surface?


Ranauro holds a BFA in Painting from Massachusetts College of Art and Design and lives and works in Boston, MA. | Instagram @redladybluelady