Saturday August 24th from 1-5pm

Kingdom of Illumination is a series of meditations on my time in Duncan -taking in a large field of view of the city and the landscape that encompasses it. Working in 3D-rendered animations, I have been incorporating areas of the city as I spend time and live here.

Brad Necyk is a multimedia artist and writer in Canada whose practice engages with issues of medicine, mental health, and precarious populations and subjects. His works include drawings and paintings, still and motion film, sculpture, 3D imaging and printing, virtual reality, and performance. Currently, he is a visiting artist-researcher at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health in Toronto and recently received a PhD in Psychiatry at the University of Alberta. Brad sits on the boards of several professional bodies and is a Scholar at the Integrative Health Institute at the University of Alberta. He has also taught Fine Arts at the University of Alberta and MacEwan University for the past seven years.