Art is Hard Candy

with this show, our first group installation, we wanted to make fun of ourselves as artists, and explore both the darkness & light that comes with relying on a creative spirit & creative drive to work & live.

'Muse' invites the viewer into a darkened corner, but the viewer only sees themselves in the mirror.

'Medicine Cabinet' offers an array of 'remedies' to ail, entice & embolden thoughts of creativity and dreams of making it big.

'motivational art cards' mirrors the internal dialogue we all experience when faced with a task, a blank canvas, a white sheet of paper.

'Is this working?' is an ephemeral triptych, melted candy continues to melt on canvas and into a dish below. An upside down can of beans nods to Warhol & a carrot slowly rots, holding onto string as it lowers.

'Artist Residency: $850/month' asks the viewer to look down into the floor at a bed & residency, setup with an emptying bag of red wine, a last will & testament, beans, paintbrushes.