Tintype Photoshoot

Tintype Photoshoot

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Get your portrait taken in silver using a gorgeous traditional process with Tekoa from Rainika Photographik

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Each session will take 20 - 30 minutes and the photos are developed onsite using the traditional darkroom process. See Tekoa's portfolio here: https://www.rainika.com

More about the process:

A tintype photograph is an amazing, hand crafted artisan process where the image is taken using a specific wet plate camera (which looks a little like an accordion with a photo lens) and then developed chemically on a metal plate within a 10 min window. You’ve probably seen them at flea markets or antique shops – misty & timeless photos.

The wet plate collodion photo process was invented in 1851 by Fredrick Archer and was the first instant photography process. Rainika PhotoGraphik stays true to the original analogue tradition by setting up a small darkroom onsite. There are no negatives, so these really are one of a kind photographs that preserve a moment in silver. Come learn more about the process or sign up to have your photo taken onsite Friday March 23 & Saturday the 24!